Survival: Why Women Get Depressed? by Mandakini Kwatra

Sometimes in life, you feel sad without any reason and you can’t help it. You would not know how to deal with it and this feeling gets accumulated over a period of time. This is what we call ‘Depression’. While it is mostly induced by some life events or circumstances, there is not always a reason for depression making it difficult to identify and also be overlooked.

Depression is not as casual as we have made it sound like and it definitely isn’t a ‘once in a blue moon’ affair. It lasts long, long enough to cripple you for life, emotionally, at least. This is why it should be sincerely dealt with. A mere shopping spree will not heal the sadness, the filth and the negativity that you carry within yourself.

So what leads to depression irrespective of the gender? Depression is a psychological disease and so, its diagnosis is also not dependent on any clinical tests. Hence, it becomes difficult to conclude. It is not something that would affect a man of low means. It is a disease of the rich and famous! The common man is too busy making both the ends meet. There is no time to sit and brood over the past or future. So he can encounter stress, but even that, he cannot afford to retain for long.

The more civilised, educated and urban we have become, the more prone we are to depression. So while the deadliest of all diseases ‘Cancer’ has permeated into the rural areas, depression is still restricted to the urban cities.

Now, particularly speaking about women, the repercussions can be far more dangerous and life-long than in the case of men. A woman is considered to be the lifeline of a household, but if her own life is at stake, what would she contribute to the lives of others around? Not only for the sake of others, her emotional well-being is equally important.

For ages, women have always suppressed their feelings and emotions. But they never were depressed since they were always busy with their daily tasks and they were socially active too. So they could vent out. The modern independent woman is more prone to depression. The amalgamation of stress that comes from work and personal life is too much to handle. With the nucleation of families, they have too much idle time but lesser population to socialise with.

Having said that, it cannot be denied that in many cases, medical complications lead to depression. But this cannot be the only reason. There could be unfulfilled desires or some hurtful incidents in the past that could be the underlying cause. Whatever be the reason, a disease, as serious as this, should never be left untreated. Do not be ashamed to seek help. There is no greater tragedy in life if you have wasted this beautiful opportunity to live life.

– Mandakini Kwatra

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