Why Surrender Is Better Than Struggle

There are only two ways we can live, guide and move on in life, one is through surrender and the other is through struggle. Surrender is when you take life as it comes and surrenders to a higher power being or entity in which you have placed your entire faith to see things through. So now whatever result you get in life: good, bad or profitable, you see it as the will of the Gods or destiny as people say. You have left everything to the will of this supreme being and have bowed to its wishes. If something bad happens, it happens for a reason and we are only puppets in this game of life, the one holding on to all the strings is someone upstairs. This leads to a feeling of letting go and suddenly the heavy weight of problems of life is dropped. A new found sense of freedom prevails when you have left the game of life played by someone else. Now irrespective of the results, one gets as one just plays as if this was a recreational universe. Surrender is a balm that heals the soul. Organised religion, gurus and spiritual shams all teach us to surrender and focus on Nish Kaam Yoga. That is to do our duty and karma but not be attached to its consequences in either way. As they say “agar maan ka ho tho accha her our agar mean ka na ho tho our phi accha hein” (If you get what you asked for, it is good but if you didn’t get what you hoped for, it is even better)

The other way to live life is the way of the ego which leads to struggle. This is what is happening to the modern man, he believes in himself, that he is the one in charge and fully in control of his life and the results that he gets are the direct consequences of his greatness, effort and genius. Here, man has kept himself as the centre. This leads to struggles when things fail or goes wrong, one has only himself to blame as one had attached himself to the results of one’s actions. This is the way of living life against the tide and flow, it leads to stress, ill health and mental illness. One finds life to be a battle of uphill tasks a chore, which is not. Life is a song, a dance, a joke and a laugh.

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