When God Is Great

Allah Hu Akhbar – God is Great

Since the beginning of time the concept or one singular idea that has so polarised man and humanity , is the idea of the entity called GOD and how all of us have used religion to get to him or her . The idea of GOD at one hand has been so re assuring and so comforting , when we see him as a father like figure who protect’s us from evil , guides us in the matter’s of wrong or right . Comfort’s us in our day yo day life, by offering us meaning to event’s that we have no answer for, gives us a so called code of morality of do’s and don’t’s. He is the greatest source of wisdom and light in our lives and the one we look toward’s in time of difficulty.

On the other had GOD has also been the form of most evil , we have destroyed each other in his name and still continue to do so . Weather in the form of Holy War’s or Crusade’s , we have not stopped in killing raping and destroying in his name . It is said no matter what road you take they all lead to him . He is the  almighty and the all encompassing . Through the eye’s of faith only can we see him as he is blind to reason. Where science stop’s theology begin’s . It is amazing how science and reason have been able to decipher the mysteries of Nature and give us a rationale for the way thing’s our . Newton told us that an apple fall’s from a tree due to Gravity . Galileo said that the earth was round not flat . All the great scientist of yesterday year’s were considered to be witches and shaman’s by the Churches of their time . They were seen as discard’s and evil men giving reason and scientific explanation to thing’s that were not their and denied the existence of a supreme father called GOD.

The Buddha

Myths have been erected in his name The Holy Trinity , The Trimurti and so forth , the more I get deeper into religious thought from Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism or the Christian Faith I cannot help but see them as the same. As if each has borrowed from each other. Each has taken from the other. I saw the Buddha Meditating under the Shesh Nag in Cambodia during my visit to the Ankor Watt Temples . I saw the Chinese dragon’s a symbol of good luck in the Kali Temple in Pokhra Nepal. I bathed in the holy spring’s of Indonesia which reminded me of the hot water spring’s of Badrinath in India . I saw a figure with four arm’s looking exactly like Vishnu in the Man Moh Temple in Hong Kong . The images on Indra in Bali and the ever smiling Buddha In Korea. All symbol’s of peace and joy that I saw in my travels – yet more often than not also cause for misery and sadness.

But when GOD’s words does become unviable and when it seems like there is too much judgement, when it is about preaching, telling me what to do and not to do . It is fine when he is GOD the merciful , GOD the caring and benevolent father. But the moment he starts to judge me and poke his nose into my space, he becomes a cause for concern and not unlike what I have faced in my own life . 

You see it is said that GOD created us in his own image , or you can say we created him in our own image both may well be true. As long as he is looking after us he is our father but the moment he starts telling us something or starts to judge us he becomes some one we do not like or can’t handle. His mustn’t be the source that tell us about what to wear and what to eat and how to pray, who to marry and what profession to take. I cannot say for sure – but micromanagement mustn’t be his style! 

In some ways I find my relationship with GOD often times not unlike the relationship that I had with my father. I want him too be around but just to reassure me that he is their and watching over me.

At times like this the lyrics of an old Sufi Song (made popular by God’s own voice – Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan) in Hindustani come to mind :

Allah Huu! Allah Huu! Allah Huu!
Allah Huu! Allah Huu! Allah Huu!

Yeh Zameen Jab Na Thi Yeh Jahaan Jab Na Thaa
Chaand Suraj Na Thay Aasman Jab Na Tha
Raaz-E-Haq Bhi Kisi Per Ayaan Jab Na Tha
Tab Na Tha Kuch Yahaan Tha Magar Tu Hee Tu

Allah Huu! Allah Huu! Allah Huu!
Allah Huu! Allah Huu! Allah Huu!

This roughly translates to:

When this earth and the world did not exist
When there was no moon, the sun or sky
When the secret of the truth was yet unravelled
Nothing was here save YOU, none but YOU


That song here and an explanation of the meaning behind it here which is a primal chant that says God Is Truth!!

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