What is Consciousness?

Well, to explore this term, people have used so many jargons and loaded words. People are confused as to what is really consciousness and what it does for us. I will try and explain this in simple terms as I have understood it through reading and listening into other people’s experience and through, of course, my own direct experience.

Consciousness is the universal force field. It is where all matter and energy came out of. It is the true real source and it is one. The Hindus call it the atman, the supreme force field, the beginning and the end of all. At the level of pure consciousness, we are all one. Underneath the multi-coloured diversity, there is only one true source that connects and binds us all and that source, field, energy is pure consciousness.

So what? Well, the yogis and monks of the east devised various forms of meditation and chanting techniques so that we could tap into this universal force field and use its positivity to drown negative emotions and drive them away from our sphere. All that we know is negative emotions like hate, jealousy, sickness, fear, doubt and depression. All these can be cured by raising our level of consciousness and tapping into the universal force field.  So that is the area where it can help and add value to each individual. As we tap into this consciousness by meditation, chanting and other transcendental meditation techniques, qualities like love, superior intelligence, creativity, bliss, joy and even problem-solving techniques are enhanced. We begin to feel more love and poetry emerges from within us. Life is a dance without any resistance. Everything looks easy, pure and effortless. The manifestations of your desires and dreams are effortless. That is what raising individual consciousness is all about and that is why guys are like OSHO, Satguru and Deepak Chopra are in great demand. They, through their guidance and meditation techniques, are able to help you tap into this universal force field and transform your life. That is the fruit of modern day spirituality and that is why people throng to these gurus with sacks of money. They are all ready to buy that bliss and trade their Rolls-Royce for it.

One of the other powerful qualities that emerge in you is that of intuition and I have a first-hand experience of it. A dear friend of mine, Tiwari Ji, a writer from the holy city of Benares in India had a great intuition. But it was only about me. He could predict events in my life and who I was about to meet, how events in my life will unfold and even things like who I should associate with or if any harm was coming to me. At one moment of time, I trusted his intuition so much that I took my future based on the strength of what he could see coming in my life and yes, he was very accurate most of the time. He was also a meditator and liked to retreat to quiet spaces to tap into the force field and revive his intuition about me.

Artists especially can benefit from tapping into these states of consciousness as it is the source of all creativity, great plots, writers, filmmakers and even scientists who have experienced the magic of consciousness. So get your tinker bells and robes out, put on some soothing raga and get down to meditate. Consciousness is within you and through it, you are not a part of the whole but the whole itself.

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