What are. The avenues for Making Money through a Web-series

Brand In Placement

This is the first step to raising some money to make sure web-series . Try and sell space inside the web-series , integrating the brand with the content as it were . These can be sold as logo space on the owner and closer of each series . Then you can have the brand placed with in the scene or the logo appear in a frame for a stipulated period of time , you decide how much time you will keep for that in every episode .

Media Sponsorships

You can get media space and publicity time from a Radio Station , a magazine or a newspaper to promote your web-series. In return you can give them a Brand mention or do a product placement for them in your web series . A media barter is the best way to get some publicity that will generate noise about your web-series . You could create an event With a Radio Station , like a search of a new face for for your web-series . This could be an event where they send in their entries through phone audition, you can run this as a promotional event . This will create a buzz for you and give you a huge database of auditioned actors for you to choose from . Your casting is getting done for free and you are creating buzz also at the same time .

Sell The content to OTT Platforms : Then you can sell the story and screenplay to an OTT platform in advance , but for this you might need to wait . I keep pitching the platforms at the same time I make sure I keep building one screenplay after the other . The work must go on simultaneously . This you can sell at a premium and also ask for a certain cut if their is a season two of the web-series. The structure of how you will sell is very open and very difficult to define . You can sell the content outright or sell them non exclusively to many platforms . You can sell as rights separately , music rights ,DVD rights , Radio rights , Tv rights satellite rights and so on . The deal strict is were you make the money , how you structure it .

As we will go on I will try and expand on this and define in detail the deal structure that I myself used .

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