The Call of the Wild, Heading to Madagascar!

Wrapping up my (re) entry into Africa from the island nation – I was looking ahead and getting deeper. Madagascar – another island nation, the fourth largest I read, was next up. I was certain that if the Mauritius trip was fantabulous I think Madagascar is going to top it. I am yearning to explore it’s exotic wild life and very unique flora and fauna. Of course they have the Lions and just like in the animated Dreamworks film Madagascar and it’s sequels!

The Movie & It's Sequels !

The Movie & It’s Sequels !

Lions roam wild here and I bet they’d be a treat to watch especially in their natural habitat. I want to capture this regal beast through my lens and see how that shapes up given that I am still an amateur when it comes t o photography and definitely not a wildlife one at that! Of course then their are the people and the gold for which this isolated island nation is famous and I look forward to the food there.

Antananarivo the home of Malagasy power!

Antananarivo the home of Malagasy power!

I will be landing Antananarivo and am booked at the Hotel de ‘l Avenue for the first week till I get a feel of the city and the country and the plan is to roam free for over 2 weeks across the country – a good 18 days as per my plan. I’d initially thought that I’d go up from Mauritius but then there were a few personal and business tuff that I needed to attend to back in the old country and I take a flight from Delhi to Mumbai and then Mumbai to Mahe Island and then onto Antananarivo on the 6th of July. The round trip air tickets cost me Rs 60 ,000 $890 on Air Seychelles, code shared with Jet Airways. The six nights at the hotel would set me back MGA 673,200, $206 or Indian Rupees 13,933 – the local currency is the Malagasy Ariary and the climate is heavenly at this time of the year and winter in the Southern Hemisphere. Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 9.36.15 am

Madagascar has a visa on arrival for Indian Tourists and I am carrying enough American dollars to make my way through the country. So folks hold on to your seat and get ready for a continuation of my African Adventure!

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