Ten Mistakes New Bloggers Always Make


Using all the fonts, colours and graphics / or not altering the template at all. You may want your blog to look like your own personality but don’t punch the reader in the face with it.


Comments that are mostly an ad for your blog or asking for a follow in return. It’s rude and don’t use other people’s blog to promote your blog. Use social media instead.



Avoiding social media because it’s overwhelming. So try but without the network and support of social media, your blog won’t prosper. So learn how to handle social media platforms well.


Writing posts that are very general and seem to cover everything. Your posts should be more focused on talking about a particular theme or a subject one at a time.



Posting repetitive photos or posting photos that are just the same or similar.


Hiding social media links.



Naming random titles to your blog posts. The titles should define what your post is about and it should also be able to catch the attention of  the users. The titles should be able to make the user curious about what the post is and should make him or her read it.


No marketing objective of your posts. Your posts must be saying and promoting something. Only then it will work.



Complaining and whining about your blog on the net.


Posting photographs with inconsistent sizes.

  1. Hi AnujTikku. Good points. I just think you should have elaborated a little more on them. Like, why do you think these are wrong and what new bloggers should be doing instead.

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