Shimla with Love

I took a taxi from my hotel in Chandigarh to Shimla which cost me Rs 3700 and took almost 5 hours to get to the Mall Road in Shimla. The temperature is cool with 23 degrees in the day. But I had a terrible headache and somehow felt a loss of appetite too. Maybe I was still getting acclimatised to the hills as my taxi drove past the huge Mohan Meakin’s compound. We finally arrived at the Baljees Regency which is going to be my abode for a few days till I decide to go to Kufri and Chel.

I was exhausted as I had to wait two hours on the highway when my taxi got banged by a truck. It took some time for the cops to come and register a case but I had to wait and wait. So I was tired and just crashed out for the night.

Today, I woke up to some rain in the morning. It was cool with a certain nip in the air but I stayed up in my quilt. I missed the breakfast and then had a late lunch of ali and puri. The India vs South Africa cricket match was on and I knew that I couldn’t miss it. Alas, I was also determined to explore Shimla and lose some weight trekking up and down the famous Mall Road. So off I went up and up panting, huffing and groaning as the climb from my hotel was a bit steep, but I got used to it after a few minutes and then my breathing became normal. But yes, it was exhausting. So to take some rest, I sat on a bench sipping a bottle of litchi juice and to my amazement, a family of young monkeys started approaching me. I got a bit restless and before I could react, the bottle of litchi had been snapped away from me. In a flash, one monkey stole it from me and then with his teeth, opened the bottle up and gulped the entire juice. I jumped up and started clicking away from my camera. This was a scene that I had to capture and so I did.

Then it was a walk up hill to the Kali Bari Mandir where the Mall Road begins. The Mandir also gives a panoramic view of Shimla and its hills which looked beautiful on a sunny afternoon. After taking some spectacular shots, I decided to head home.

Can you believe it? I had started to sweat. Man, I am so unfit! I realised that it was a great idea to come to Shimla as my mountain walks will only build my stamina further and help me for my Mansarovar Yatra which I will be undertaking in July. Till then, enjoy the pictures.

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