Rocketing the sales of your eBooks on amazon

Killer Cover

You need a killer book cover that can be made into an attractive thumbnail which will stick out on
and grab eye balls immediately . The cover is the key at least it will motivate people to click and take a look inside , that way they will be able to read the first few chapters of the book and see the table of content , this will expedite their buying process .

Clear and Apt Book Title

You need a sharp title which defines the essence and the soul of your book . This will clearly define what the genre of the book is and what could be it’s content . You can ad a punch line or a tag line to your book tile , this will further define your book and help it sell .Like my blogging for gold book has a sub title A TO Z Of Blogging . The punchline gives the Unique selling proposition of the book .

Pick relevant SEO Friendly Key words : Make sure you link keywords relevant to your book title and genre , get relevant about what your ideal reader will search fro on amazon and use the keywords accordingly .

Have a paperback version always :

Have a kindle book and a physical paperback version always this will attract the readers who like turning pages of a real book . Not everyone likes to read on kindle and a lot of readers get more involved when the read physical books .

Use Book review apps : is a kindle review app where you can buy reviews not only for your KDP books but also books on iTunes Google play and android platforms . The reviews are cheap $20 a review at times you can get even 7 reviews for that price . The app has packages that you can buy and pay for through a cart system . This is good for bulk review buying and is fairly safe . I choose to pay book bloggers Rs 500 to Rs 1200 to do reviews for me and post it all ver the place . You can also buy book review packages for Goodreads all for about that price .

Amazon advertising : Use amazon advertising as a tool to advertise your books to buyers but keep it to $10 a day and do it for a few weeks then analyse the result to constantly tweak your campaign . Make sure you choose only people who will read the particular title when you shoot your campaign .

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