Registering your Web-series Story

It is important that when you have written your complete story you register it with either of the two associations . Screen writers association or Film makers association . These are the two agencies that will register your script , but first you need to become a member . Although my books are selling online and have a registered ISBN code and number , I also became a member of the Screen writer association where I registered the Title of my web-series and also sent them a synopsis of my story . A regular member ship cost about Rs 2500 and a life long membership costs Rs 21,000 . Once these formalities are done you get a membership number which one must display if you have your own personal website .The process of registration is both online and online and you can pay through a money oder at your local post office . The SWA website is .

The same can be done with the film makers association they charge Rs 10,000 to register the first few pages off the story and then charge for even page accordingly . Per page they will charge Rs 1 for registering the script . You can also walk into their office with your typed or written manuscript to get it registered . After this you can be safe and rest assured that if your friends steal your content , you will get some compensation for it .

The Film Writers’ Association
201/204, Richa, Plot no B – 29,
Off New Link Road,Opp.City Mall,
Andheri (West) Mumbai – 400 053,
Phone Number: +91 22 2673 3027 / 2673 3108
Nearest Metro station: D.N. Nagar Metro Station

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