Selling Your eBook – These Are The Platforms For You

Finishing a content-rich ebook and making that first sale is a great experience in itself but one needs to be sure that you upload and sell your ebook through the right sales platforms. Here are a few great ebook selling internet platforms that can really work for you and generate sales for your ebook.

Amazon and Kindle

Amazon and Kindle are the most popular platforms to sell ebooks and are the favourite places for authors to display and sell their books. The commissions vary from 35% to 70% of book sales price. Amazon also has powerful sales analytics and tracking tools that give you real-time info on ebook sales and the value of your book commission – a must for serious ebook marketers.


Blurb is an interesting platform that helps you format your own ebook, stylise it and upload it for sales. You can sell on Barnes & Noble and Apple iBooks. Blurb gives you the chance to make your own stylised and printed photo books.


Fiverr is a platform that helps people share and sell their services to others who are in need of that particular service. Outsource jobs and services are sold for 5 dollars, thus the name Fiverr. The site gets tons of traffic and is very popular but it does have its drawbacks. One has to manually email the ebook when a sale is registered on the platform. This does not happen automatically, which is a letdown. Moreover, they charge $1 for every transaction. A modestly priced ebook cost $5 meaning that 20% will go to the Fiverr platform.


Selz is a total e-commerce solution to sell digital services and products. It even has audio books. It is robust and you can upload your ebook for free. In addition, you pay 2% of the transaction fee to the platform.

Google Play

Google Play is the ultimate Android platform with over 50 billion users. This is a platform that is bound to get your ebook sales rocketing.


E-junkie is a good platform to sell ebooks and digital downloads. They share a fee on a monthly basis depending on the ebooks you wish to sell on their platform.

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