Kabul Delhi: Kya Khaana Wallah!

Today was a great day for me as I went around the streets of Lajpath Nagar in search of Afghani food. I had two of my nephews in tow who were going to help me with some videography for my blog but our only mission was to find authentic Afghan Cuisine and our target was the old Afghan joint called Kabul Delhi. On its visiting card, it says specialist in Afghani food and also does special arrangements for parties. Yes, we had finally arrived at our lunching point. I got friendly with the owner who allowed me to film the restaurant while I and my nephews tucked into Afghani roti which is a huge round thick oven baked bread. It is not naan, it is whole wheat bread and we had it with Afghan mutton korma and fried mutton kebabs. This was served with lots of green salad and a can of cola. The food was mild, not very spicy, as Afghans are used to putting dry fruits in their curry preparations. They use Afghan spices that have a different flavour and are not stingy on the tongue. Of course, they use a lot of milk and curd to marinate their chicken and mutton. I almost got into a fight while filming the restaurant with my GoPro as a tourist asked me to stop filming as he did not like me filming him.

Despite my request, he did not relent. I was not to give up either. So I entered the kitchen of the restaurant to have a chat with the chef and the guys grilling the chicken and mutton on hot coal on top of iron rods. That’s the traditional Afghani way to make a tikka. They just roast it on coal fire and turn it around sprinkling butter on it to make it sizzle and cook till the bone. I saw the green palak boil on a pot. This was going to be the vegetable of the day. On another pan, they were cooking chicken gravy which was simmering. On the corner was this huge stainless steel handi full of traditional Afghan biryani full of dates, kishmish (raisin), kazoo and even khajoor. It was a huge pot being stirred by the chef with a plate. He was making sure that the chicken and mutton in the biryani cooks to its maximum to give that very authentic Afghan taste with all the dry fruits.

They could serve a better quantity as the quantity was a bit low especially the mutton lora which was two pieces in one plate. It was not enough for all of us so we ordered two plates of the damn thing and had it with the toasted Afghan bread. It was a great meal and I thanked the staff for their hospitality. The final bill was just Rs 700 for the three of us. On my way out, I gifted a free Survival e-book to the restaurant owner and promised to do a full blog on his shop. So here it goes, if you like not-so-spicy mutton and chicken preparations and love dry fruits and green salads, this is just the place for you.

So make a note and drop over to this Afghani joint. As for me, I am fascinated by Afghans as I am playing an Afghan cricket commentator in a Bollywood film with Sanjay Dutt called Torbaaz. So for me, it was another way of getting into the character of my film. Me, the Kabuliwala, enjoying the food of Kabul Delhi. Bhai, all I can say is wallah wallah!

Kabul Delhi Restaurant
Afghani Restaurant
Address: E-104, Ground Floor, Near Central Market, Lajpat Nagar – 2, New Delhi, Delhi 110024
Hours Open: Everyday 10 AM to 11 PM
Phone: 088601 31211

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