Amazon Giveaways is an Interesting Way to Promote

Business Promotion Through Amazon Giveaways

Business Promotion Through Amazon Giveaways

Amazon Giveaways is a unique way to do promotion for your product and increase visibility and sales of your product. I have used it to promote my book SURVIVAL that went live on Amazon a month back. Basically through Giveaway, I was able to initiate a consumer contest where the top 10 winners who chose the lucky number 10 won and were given free gifts which I had paid for after they had made a purchase of my book and watched a special Antarctica video which was a must for them to view before they entered the contest.

The contest was over in 20 minutes just after it went live. My giveaway got 215 hits and 110 people played the giveaway contest. All 10 prizes were claimed and my Antarctica video got over 110 views. The total cost of the giveaways with shipping charges was Rs 15,000. I sold 110 books through this contest and gained a revenue of Rs 19,000 in all by selling 110 e-book copies of my book Survival.

It may not be much of a profit but the speed with which I was able to execute the giveaway contest and how quickly the contest was lapped up amazed me. In the end, I got a list of the names of the 10 winning contestants who will receive my free gifts along with a copy of my ebook.

There are ways to tweak the contest and make it more interesting. You can put more conditions on the contest entrants before they enter the contest. All in all, it was a fulfilling affair for me. I was happy to get some success with this initiative.

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