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Pro’s and Con’s of selling your book through Kindle Direct Program .

I have been in the self publishing game for over a year now . I have four self published books selling in the online space my latest being Travelthon
. I used a Partridge India to Publish my first book Survival which sold only a few hundred copies and I shelled out over 5 lakhs for publishing and promoting it not to mention getting reviews etc . As can be seen. It was all in a loosing cause . I although had few publishers approach me that they would distribute my book on retail stores , I would have. To shell out the cost of printing the book and if I get a deal from a retailer they would take 10% of the profit . That. Is another. Game getting your book to offline retail and brick and mortar stores . By far the easiest cheapest and most effective way to publish is through
believe me they are masters in selling books especially e books .They use their Kindle Self publishing program called Kindle Self et. To achieve this . Once you sign up your book for the KDP Program , you get a lot more then other other online retail publishers can manage . It’s biggest advantage is that your book gets read , shared and borrowed by the KDP members , who as part of their membership need not buy the book at first but can borrow it and fead some chapters or some pages and return it . You get. Paid even for the pages read or browsed by the KDP members .

You can use free book promotions or run prize discounts , do a give away promotion or sell your book in bundles through KDP advertising panel . You can run ads about your book on tablets and mobile devices or Kindle device to sell more books too.The catch here is that you have to be an exclusive seller if you are to be a seller. Member of KDP , you cannot sell your e book through any other online retailer and I believe are strict with that rule . You can however unroll in the program for three months and later opt out if you want to increase your distribution .The royalties are paid end of enemy moth the money is credited promptly within 48 hrs into your account , so the royalty payment is quick simple and non complicated . You can make as much as 70% royalties from the list price if your book is priced over $2.99 , and that is a very good amount .
has very sophisticated algorithm and they will push your book up the rankings if they feel their is demand for the book . So one must try and laugh ablest the e book through the KDP program at least fro the first 3 months and then pan out distribution on other digital platform depending on the sales of the book .

The other way one saves money his that you can make corrections , upgradeto a new edition as many times as you want with our any extra cost , Ingram Sparks charges for corrections and more uploads , so do other book selling platforms . You can also print paperback edition and hard back directly through KDP select .The content and all it’s rights remain with you 100 % and you can renew or give up your KDP membership when the time comes .

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