Ghost Busting at Bengaluru

May be it was that movie Phobia that I watched last night but suddenly I was  googling the top 10 haunted places at Bangalore. It sounded intriguing and i felt i had to check these places out and figure out whether they really were haunted.

 So on I went on my journey after that breakfast meal of Chettinad Chicken and rice. I grabbed myself an auto and told him I’d contract hime for the day. I showed him a few places on my cell phone and said I wanted to get there. .“ Let’s goto Victoria hospital sir , it is near by “ . I told the auto driver I was a reporter from Delhi , investigating Haunted Places in Bangalore . So we whisked off to the Hospital . I initially inquired with the local guard who was drunk as hell”

Na na sir i have never seen a booth or a ghost here , i have been here for 10 years , i saw nothing it is all bakwass .” My further investigation’s lead me to believe that the story on the internet was all a hoax no one had seen or heard go ghost’d hear. But for me what sealed the issue was the testimony of the Jamadar Shambhu who use to carry dead bodies for autopsy “ It is was bakwaas bunkhas people say a woman in white clothes comes here and you

 can here the sound of here payal .But i see or hear nothing , all for free publicity for websites .” My last interview kind of nailed it for me “ Some people come here and want to measure radioactivity here , where they get negative waves they say the ghost is their , but their is no scientific proof that the Hospital is haunted and of course their has been no such complaint’s or sighting’s filed .” So zero ghosts here.

I wanted to remained spooked though , so i headed for another address Terra Vera , St. Marks Road . It is said that two sisters once lived here and one of them was brutally murdered by an outsider . Since then the other sister went mad as people use to hear sounds of whaling and shrieking from

the house. I had to explore this one , but when we got their to my disappointment that house had

been pulled down to make way for a sky rise. Although the student’s siting around the site would vouch for it’s myth .

“Yes they say this use to be a haunted house here , but the pulled the damn place down . We guy’s have been hanging around here for sometime now , but sorry no ghost’s here , this is a chilled out place .” Indeed it was it had Baskin Robbins , Restaurant’s and Pub’s near by the place was on M.G Road for god sakes .So again a big egg as it were a zero there and no ghosts only myths to show

Evening was upon us before we started of for Kalpani Cemetry , this was located in a small underdeveloped and impoverished part of Banglore . This Cemetry was large and had a huge statue of Jesus on a cross in the middle . I took my photo’s and interviewed the gate keeper of the place who again denied the presence of a spirit or ghost here . No sir no dead bodies rising here , it’s a

quiet place .” the little urchins running around also confirmed this , with some chicken’s running around the cemetery this hardly looked a haunted place. I was convinced Banglore’s haunted places are not haunted at all . I felt like a Ghost Buster who had fought the world to prove that their is nothing haunted about Bangalore and I did not win that contest! . With this thought I went back to my rickshaw and it had started raining by now and a cool wave of brisk drop’s hit me flush on the face with rain glorious that was upon us and my trip in Bengaluru was on its last leg and there was suddenly rain!

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