A kind of talk-back is what an echo feels like. What you say reverberates into space and by energy, bounces back at you as a repetition. You can hear it in Gothic churches, tombs, valleys, caves and between two mountain peaks. An echo is your own reflection from the cosmos. We beings have our own individual echoes which only we can radiate and receive. We are one with our echo and that is why it is important to have a positive self-echo. It is after all, a reflection of our self.

We need to hear our own echoes as it is a window to our own internal dialogue and emotional state. The clearer and crisper our echo, the more we are self-aware and in tune with our internal dialogue and life goals.

On the physical plane, exercise, yoga, meditation, surya namaskar and pranayama are exercises to build a positive life echo for each of us and one should incorporate these in their life routine and schedule. My trips to Baba Ramdev’s ashram and to Mansarovar are also meant to keep me fit and my internals clean so that a positive echo can be built within me.

What you throw to the universe, the universe throws it back at you. That is why an undifferentiated and positive echo is a must for us to have in our lives.

These are like bat sounds, sonars that reverberate as energy from us. People with similar echoes flock to one another and thus form an ecosystem which then begins to thrive and nurture into a colony and so on. Bats relay on this mechanism heavily and so do dolphins. They use it as a radar system to swim and navigate the depths of the seas. An echo is like a search light for them in the dark.

So be aware of your echoes and keep them positive.

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