Spirit of Survival

Author: Anuj Tikku

A Chapter

In our day to day life, we walk with the burden of prejudices and complexes that we carry on our shoulders. We have a certain self-image of ourselves which further alienates us from others as we seek to carve our own distinctive identities. We have our habits, traits and behavioural patterns that we need to accept as unique qualities that only we have. We must accept these and be in harmony as these are the traits and beliefs that define and guide us in our future course of life. No doubt, these will be distinctively different from others but we must respect the view of the other while at the same time maintaining our distinct identity. The annihilation of this tussle is the key to peace, harmony and survival. In a sense, “I AM OK, YOU ARE OK”. Once we act and take life in this spirit, things become easier and calmer. We understand ourselves and learn to understand the point of view of others. This is the way of the heart and the way of peace. So, understanding is the key and patience is its virtue. As you age, these qualities will evolve within you and these can be very effective in dealing with people and day-to-day affairs of the world.

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About The Book

How to overcome disappointments and put the traumas of life behind. The spirit of ‘can do’ with spiritual and philosophical insights as for how to lead a more fulfilling and enriching life. Saluting the ‘can do’ spirit to explore the world and spread a lot of yourself in the world.


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