Caroline and the African Hair Cut!


Hair all standing out ?!!

I think I have done Kenya a bit now and wanted to head out further and visas had been applied for and a few came in and my next stop was Mozambique. It was my last night at Nairobi and I was determined to have some fun. But first I needed a haircut and so I ventured into an African hair cutting salon.

A Bad Hair Day !

A Bad Hair Day !

The hair had grown out a bit and I knew I needed a hair cut and then wanted some colourful beads in my hair full African Style.  I was ushered into the parlour and was immedaitely looked after by the ladies and for the life of me I don’t know why they made me sit with them?! Soon I was introduced to Caroline, a plump African girl with bleached hair.  She sat next to me and gave me a manicure first very lovingly and gently stroking my fingers as she filed my nails and caressed my thumb .

The Haircut Girl!

The Haircut Girl!

All this got me rather excited and I decided I wanted to take her out and so I asked her as un assuming as I could  “ You wanna go out for dinner with me.” with a straight look in her eyes. She looked a bit awkward first but latter nodded her head gently. Soon I had locks like Bob Marley and colourful beads like M&M’s . I took some pictures with the ladies and departed after paying 2000 Shillings to the cashier. To my delight Caroline followed me shortly after out of the Salon. “ hey it’s my off , come let me show u the city .” she said setting aflutter my heart!

We ventured into a local pub and I ordered red wine for the lady and got a black label Whisky at a cheap price , actually they where doing promotion so they were giving bottles of Black Label at a discounted rate. I gulped a few drinks and that was all that it took for Caroline and I to start to get cosy. I was happy that we were making smooth progress and after some obligatory chit chat and conversation, we got close and started snogging. Being the man I am and ofter times a bit of a heel, I wanted things to move quickly and so I said “ come with me to my hotel .” she looked at me with naughty eyes “ No I am having my time of the month .” I laughed a loud and said surely you are lying and she giggled “ yes I am .” 

I guess my powers of persuasion were not strong enough or maybe Caroline’s morals held stronger and I kept trying to convince her that sex was god “ we are all born out of it i said , how can u shy away from sex , you were born out of it .If sex is dirty so are we .”  We wandered into the bye lanes of Nairobi with me trying to convince her to get into bed with me.” But Anuj, my parlour is very close to your hotel .” she said shyly. ”So what ? “ I retorted. She begged me that she could not make it tonight , but would see me any morning before I left for Maputo.

I thought she was kidding and would never come, but to my surprise she did. I was thrilled to bits. We kissed bit and then rolled over each other stroking with a bit of foreplay.” Thats all , you are going to get dear sir , if you want all of me you will have to come back to Nairobi again. “ I agreed to her terms and walked her back. Before we said good bye she gave me a kiss and a “ I LOVE YOU “ wrist band which I still have. Damn I should stop falling in love as much – especially in foreign lands! 

With love in my heart I grabbed a taxi to the airport wondering what next adventures lay waiting for me at Mozambique. Who knows where love might take me next?!!

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