After a hectic day of travelling the night was upon us we reached The Bougainvillea Lodge and this was all an hospitable affair.

Me and My Land Rover Africana !!

As my Land Rover screeched in front of the reception area, a porter jumped and opened the door to take my luggage and give me a helping hand.

The Bush and You and the capable god damned best in class 4 X 4 – from Tata of India through England !!

 I trudged towards the counter to full fill out all the formalities. We were welcomed with drinks and a cold towel , quickly ushered into my room. A splendid double bed room with bathroom and a hot shower was waiting.

Lions and people in cars looking at them grazing !

 My room faces the swimming pool which is about 20 m in length. Dinner is served between 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm with breakfast at 7:00 am onwards . Wi Fi facility is good but only available at the lounge area. We have gardens and yellow flowers in the lodge with cranes floating by the lawns.

 I was still very pleased with my Lion and the pond pictures , and enjoyed putting them on my Facebook page and contemplated some higher end photographic tools!

Better Photography is Possible !!

More of that later some day! The currency here meanwhile is the Tanzanian Shilling and an American dollar equals 2200 Shillings. The indigenous people, especially the Chaga are very hospitable and welcoming. 

Your everyday Chaga Folks !!

Having been encouraged by Ani my friend to shop I decided to buy a treble spear made out of wood with an iron point for 10 dollars.

The Beauty of the Wilderness – driving down !!

I honestly do not want to carry much stuff with me, also these trinkets either get lost or broken during my journeys and so I am very selective in my purchases.

All the crazy shit that I keep buying !!

The coffee was a must and I think the spear will also come in handy and I think I will give the Masai stick to Ani!!

But the highlight of the day was the feast of animals at Tarangire National Park and my date with the Pride of Lions will be tops for the journey so far.

I was able to observe a whole pride so closely and see them interact , eat , play ,drink and roll around with each other.

This along with the huge herd of Wild Elephants that roamed the Savannah , they were a delight to watch as they wandered, grazing and  feeding on the bushes and the grass.

I was able to spot a giant bull tusker and film it. The park does get warm and hot in the afternoon and one must use sun cream and insect repellent at all times to ward of the fly’s and mosquitoes. 

I got by on samosas (of which there seems to be an un seeming abundance in Africa!!) and Red Bull when the hunger pangs set in, stopping over at the gas station at times to take in fuel for the Land Rover, which I realise is a British Marque owned by an Indian conglomerate!

Their is a strict 50 km per hour speed limit near the major cities and at places on the high ways other then a few check points the drive is a cruise.

A Cruise on Land – standing up to see it all !!

 All in all  a kings day out it has been , I am so much looking forward to dinner , or may be i will get myself a royal massage . Till then arrivederci ….

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