Amazon Prime Video Direct Vs Youtube

Now that I have been a youtuber for over a year and have uploaded more then. 150 video , all are edited video with good voice quality and fast paced edits with music and an opening and closing , I have finally reached 100 subscribers. It has been a long and hard journey tugging along with my camera equipment and Gopro 5 galavanting around the world . I have kept at least the quality of my video’s good , yet have only got 100 subscriber . Now I though I should explore amazon
prime video
direct , these are high quality standalone video’s , short films , web-series, Indie films , documentaries that viewers can see through Prime Video which is the amazon OTT platform . You get a free 30 days trial , monthly subscription of Rs 129 per month or a yearly subscription of Rs 999 .

Basically apart from youtube this is another great alternative platform to uploads your high quality edited video’s and try and make money . I already sell books through KDP select and thus have access to both audible and amazon Prime direct videos .It is easy to setup you need to fill your personal and company details along with your banking details and tax return details . As of Now they have no mechanism to pay you royalty if your bank is in India , but I have an old account in UK so I will use that for Inward remittance .One needs to sign the user agreement first which has the content sharing plan . You own your content at the end of the day and the amazon direct is a non exclusive content deal . Their are technical specifications and guidelines that your video needs to adhere to and certain audio and visual file specifications one needs to know .The royalty you start getting is divided into slabs.

0 to 1 lakh : $0.6 per hour
1 to 5 lakh : $0.10 per hour
5 to 10 lakh :$0.15 per hour

These are rates for streamed videos which the viewer views , the content provider gets 50% revenue for the videos bought or rented out on prime . 50 % revenue is given if the video is streamed through on line ads .The money is wire transferred to your bank with in 90 days the minus threshold is $ 100 .

This I think is a better system of monetisation because here you start earning immediately as your first video is streamed whereas in youtube you will start earning only after you have at least got 1000 subscribers and a minimum of 10,000 views .Plus amazons payment system and reach into other forms of visual digital service like aneroid , HDTV they also aggregate content with Hulu and Netflix . All this and the amazon service experience makes Amazon Prime a better option to use for freelance Indie film makers , documentary makers and web-series content providers.

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