Aghanjar Mahadev Temple

Everyone and more had stated that this is a must visit and I am here and a journey on spiritual grounds deserves a temple visit or two and here are some driving instructions if you’d want to follow! I found this link rather informative but am not sure it is still being updated. This temple is said to be at the site where Lord Shiva blessed the PandavaArjun that he’d have victory over the Kauravas in the great battle of the Mahabharata.

The place meanwhile is at Khaniyara (which by the way means slate mines)a village about 9 kms from Dharamshala town, situated in the foothills of Dhauladhar mountains, in the Kangra district of the state of Himachal Pradesh at India. There is an obvious spirituality about the place given the several multi cultural places of worship here. This specific temple is built atop a gushing stream that seemed to be a source of never ending energy!


  1. from what I know – “….According to legend when Arjun of Mahabarat was on his way to the Kailash Mountains. After that Lord Shiva appeared in front of Arjun and blessed him with the Boon of Victory over the Kauravas. At this place Baba Ganga Bharati has fired “Akhand Dhuni”……”

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